Books Published by Classmates and/or by Wives
for a
Book Exhibit for the 65th Reunion
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Jonathan Donald


Sour Mash, New York: KDP – Amazon, 2018

Traveler in an Ancient Land, Adventures of Giovanni Belzoni. New York: KDP – Amazon, 2018


Jonathan Donald has written, directed and produced over 200 television dramas and documentaries for CBS, ABC, Discovery, National Geographic, Reader’s Digest Entertainment and foreign broadcasters.  He has won an Emmy, an Emmy Nomination, two Cine Eagles and other awards. “Sour Mash” and “Traveler” were inspired in part by these work experiences and the extensive travels they involved.




Nicholas V. Steiner


America in Black and White (photographs). Atlanta, GA: LitFire Publishers, 2017

Lifeline, a Memoir. Atlanta, GA: LitFire Publishers, 2017


       At age fifteen while in France for the summer, Nicholas Steiner began taking photographs—the start of a passion that never left him. He took pictures intermittently until age 50 when health problems forced retirement from medical practice. He went on to self publish several books of photos without any expectation of recognition. In 2017, unexpectedly, a publisher contacted him, leading to “America in Black and White” and “Lifeline” being published. The latter, a memoir, describes the highly unorthodox treatment (think China!) that allowed him to survive Stage IV melanoma and later, prostate cancer. Several photographs are included.



David J. Supino


Henry James: A Bibliographical Catalogue of Editions to 1921, 2nd edition revised. Liverpool: The Liverpool University Press, 2014


       David Supino was born in Paris and came to the United States during World War II. After studying English literature and graduating from Yale with a Bachelor of Arts degree, he received a Bachelor of Laws degree from Harvard. His interest in Fanny Burney and her writings go back to his years at Yale. He served for two years as an enlisted man in the U.S. Army and practiced law for 5 years in New York. In 1968 he joined the banking firm Lazard Freres and worked in both the New York and London offices of Lazard. He retired in 1997 and has since pursued an interest in bibliography. His work in this field, Henry James a Bibliographical Catalogue of Editions to 1921, is to be published by the Liverpool University Press in March of this year. He lives in London.






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